Alliance For The Preventing And Treating Of Nicotine Addiction

The Medical College of Virginia (MCV) developed and implemented a smoking cessation initiative for inpatients in their cardiac care unit. They utilized the resources and training provided by APTNA which can be found on this website. Here is a description of that project submitted to APTNA by Joe Walsh, RN, Clinical Nurse III, M10E, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center:

QUIT FOR LIFE: MCV's Smoking Cessation Initiative

Here are some details about the "Quit for Life" (QFL) program at M10E, MCV:

We've been doing this program for one month and things look very positive thus far. In my opinion, the strengths of our QFL program are as follows:

If the opportunity ever arises, we would love to have visitors come to M10E to see the program and meet the people involved. If it seems that our program could serve as an example for others. If you have a success story to share, please let us know!

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