Alliance For The Preventing And Treating Of Nicotine Addiction


Activities engaged in for the purpose of meeting the VDH-TUCP goals and objectives related to promoting tobacco use cessation include:

Developing information packets and compiling resources related to evidence-based tobacco treatment, cessation resources for tobacco users, rationale for insurance coverage and employer-based services, issues of reimbursement, smokefree campus strategies and provider standards of practice.

Developing resources to promote cessation and evidence-based interventions, including websites and telephone helpline services, ad copies, newsletter articles and promotional materials.

Identifying key contact people in target organizations/agencies and partnering with other organizations and agencies (including local tobacco use control coalitions, prisons, addiction treatment providers, professional associations, and others).

Providing education through training, presentations and workshops tailored to the needs of the audience and covering objectives related to the annual action plan.

Providing information to media contacts, especially those targeting healthcare providers serving high-risk populations.

Providing consultation and resources and assisting with program planning and implementation, development of provider education initiatives, and smokefree campus policy development.

Advocating for policy changes related to cessation services and smoking restrictions.

Meeting with organization representatives to develop partnerships and explore strategies for project implementation.

Identifying representatives of organizations that serve disparate populations and providing education on tobacco use cessation issues.

Promoting cessation at provider related functions, meetings and conferences with a focus on effective utilization of the quitline.

Assessing current coverage/reimbursement for cessation counseling and medication by health insurance providers and identifying cessation-related services provided.

Assisting in development of up-to-date database of local community cessation resources in Virginia.

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