Alliance For The Preventing And Treating Of Nicotine Addiction

Alliance For The Preventing And Treating Of Nicotine Addiction

The Alliance for the Prevention and Treatment of Nicotine Addiction (APTNA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization that works in collaboration with healthcare organizations and providers throughout Virginia to promote smoking cessation.

APTNA provides training, consultation and resources to healthcare providers in Virginia in order to assist them in implementing research-based clinical practice guidelines designed to reduce tobacco use among their patients.

Services include workshops and training events tailored to participants' needs, access to resource library materials, consultation and technical assistance. Resources include training manuals, presentation slides and handout materials, and sample patient education materials.

Focus is on healthcare providers serving high-risk populations (patients who are most likely to suffer negative consequences from their tobacco use), including: pregnant women, low-income populations, minorities, and substance abuse or psychiatric patients.

Funding for these services is provided through a contract with the Virginia Department of Health, Tobacco Use Control Project and services are free of charge for qualifying healthcare organizations.

Resources: Slides and handouts from presentations, as well as other resources.

Training: Slides and handouts, as well as links to websites providing:

Links to websites providing:

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