Listed below are links to slides, handouts, documents and websites with resources related to developing and implementing smokefree grounds policies at healthcare facilities.  Most are specific to hospitals but can be applied to other settings; many include contact names for additional information or assistance.  (Website listings are for information only and do not constitute endorsement.)  SA/MH facilities, also see: Resources for Providers Serving Special Populations

In Virginia, over 50 healthcare facilities have implemented smokefree grounds policies, including all of the state psychiatric hospitals and learning centers.  Many others are in the planning stages, with target dates in 2008 or 2009.  Contact a facility's Human Resources office for additional information.

Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center produced a
Smoke Free Campus White Paper (posted with permission), a slide presentation titled Smoke-Free Workplace Policies: Their Role in Reducing Harm Caused by Tobacco Use and the accompanying handouts are available for download, as well as a list of worksite tobacco use control resources, and resources have been shared via Email by Clarian Health Partners (Indiana) and CoxHealth (Missouri).  Other resources are available online:

Smokefree Hospitals Talk: national listserve
Listserve members have lots of actual experience going smokefree and can provide assistance, advice and materials.  Joining is
highly recommended (no cost, but registration required).  Members can post questions, read discussions (including those in the archives), identify contacts/mentors and have access to shared materials.  To join, go to the website, click "subscribe" on the left and follow the directions.  After joining, post messages by sending an e-mail to

Smoke-Free Hospital Campus Toolkit: Maryland Hospital Association
Extensive listing of resources, including downloadable documents/materials and links to other resources.  MHA developed the toolkit as a resource for hospitals who are planning to implement a smoke-free campus-wide policy.  Categories of resources include: Implementation, Community, Media Relations, Physicians, Employees, Policy Enforcement, Patients/Visitors, Psychiatric Patients, Letters, and Additional Resources:

Implementing a Smoke-free Environment CD-Rom: University of Michigan Health System
UMHS Tobacco Consultation Service provides a toolkit at no cost on CD with numerous resources, including timelines, sample materials, policy statements, and much more.  To order:

Tobacco-Free Hospitals Toolkit: West Virginia Hospital Association
Comprehensive, downloadable toolkit developed by the WVHA.  Includes checklist, sample policies, FAQs, Power Point presentation, media resources, posters, and list of resources: Free/index.htm

Tobacco_Free Hospital Campus Resource Guide: Nebraska Hospital Association
Downloadable guide that includes sample policies, talking points, staff role-play exercises, staff training checklist, nicotine replacement palm card, sample inpatient order set, sample communication resources, and a list of additional resources:

Smoke-Free Hospital Toolkit: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Downloadable toolkit developed by UAMS College of Public Health.  Sire also includes links to resources on establishing policy and timelines, training, communication, cessation assistance, ongoing implementation and other helpful resources:

Tobacco-Free Campuses: Ohio Hospital Association
Downloadable resources covering getting started, timelines, materials, presentations, employee relations, community relations, media relations, and more:

Tobacco-Free Hospital Environments: Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania
Online resource includes downloadable implementation guide, sample documents, resources for hospital leaders (for planning, such as JCAHO research and reports, and also for communication), and resources for consumers:

Creating Tobacco-Free Hospitals: Missouri Hospital Association
Downloadable resource guide published by MHA, includes sections on keys to success, employee support, communication plan, policy considerations, and cessation programs/resources.  Also, site has link to shared survey results  summarizing hospitals' experiences:

Tobacco-Free Initiative: MaineHealth
Clinical Tools section includes downloadable action plan,
Becoming Tobacco-Free: Guide for Healthcare Organizations, and summary of results of the MaineHealth tobacco-free initiative:

Tobacco-Free Hospital Toolkit: Kansas Hospital Association
Downloadable resources include sample policy, posters, cards, FAQs, press release, slide presentation, letters to neighbors/rescue teams/ community/vendors/patients, cessation resources, scripting, talking points, sample signage, and more:

Smoke-free Campus: Roswell Park (New York)
Downloadable resources include sample letters, committees, timeline, policies, communication, signage, press release, and cessation resources.  Site also provides contact names for questions re: cessation, patients, unions, and facilities:

OHSU Tobacco Free Initiative: Oregon Health & Science University
Includes sections on rationale, training and guidelines, FAQs, cessation resources, and information for healthcare providers:

Healthy Hospital Initiative: North Carolina Prevention Partners
Downloadable toolkit includes talking points, timeline, best practices, benefits, quitting resources, cost analysis, policies, signage, research/statistics, rationale, communications, outreach, and more:

Tobacco-Free Campus: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Implementing a Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative in Your Workplace toolkit developed by CDC based on their own experiences:

Smoke Free Hospital Campus: Joint Commission
JCAHO sponsored site that includes research, literature review, case study, resource materials, field experiences and more:

OTHER RESOURCES related to smokefree workplaces:
Healthy South Dakota:
Tobacco Control Training Project:
Make It Your Business (Employer's Toolkit):
UW-CTRI Resources for Employers:
Healthy Work Environments Resource Guide:
Going Smokefree: Healthcare Facilities (ANR):
Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium:
Toolkit for Implementing Smoke-Free Laws (RWJF):